Monday, July 23, 2007

Animal Rights Activists - Justice by ANY Means !

But no justice for Violators of your Nation's security!

Cognitive dissonance strikes the unwary observer as the PETA types and peacenic treehuggers declare all out war and No - Holds barred battle against abusers of animals.

Still unfortunately unable to differentiate between folks who's business is animal culture for the benefit of humanity and the common trash who believe that slaughtering pets for fun and entertainment is a cultural right!

"Nothing else works, and these people are torturing animals to death, and they should be stopped," said Dr. Jerry Vlasak, a press officer with the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. "If they won't stop after using every other [peaceful means], they should be stopped using any means necessary."

Are they talking abut the likes of : Michael Vick?


They're talking about (as usual) farmer Brown and the researchers that provide you and I with useful things like medicines or research that helps keep products we like to use safe. And of course going after people like Vick and his dog fighting buds might get you a 44 cap in the ASS!

Angel has some thoughts on the connection between these sanctimonious hypocrites and some other problems facing our world today! Take NO Prisoners!

And The Lumberjacks have Trouble At the Zoo

Love it!


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