Friday, July 20, 2007

What To Do With Dog Torturing SOB?

Update - After being on the MSM front burner for over 3 weeks the Enviroanimalloverists finally woke up from their hemp haze and started - Protesting - Maybe it took them that long to make their costumes for the freak show!
Bob Parks on Michael Vick

Bob's audio thoughts on the case of a glorified thug's disgusting behaviour, the preposterous attempts by some Mainstream Morons to justify those actions or deflect criticism AND a suggestion about how to deal with these jerks!

Bob Parks = Black and Right

Meanwhile....... where's all the outrage from groups like PETA and the SPCA??
Too busy with campaigns against farmers because they don't provide cradle to grave featherbed comfort and sustenance for livestock that exists for the purpose of providing food?
Too busy worrying that some of us might be enjoying a nice steak or a few chops??
Too busy haranguing pet owners who may like to see some kittens or pups from their little friends or medical researchers who are trying to make PEOPLE's lives possibly just a little bit better by fighting afflictions?


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