Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back to Our Happy Little Socialist Paradise!

We have had our election ... the people have spoken.

Now will they speak out about the consequences?

Well probably NOT until they get back from the cottage to their taxpayer funded jobs .......... BTW looking at the help wanted ads in the Free Press about 70% of the full time jobs are either directly or indirectly funded by the public purse! The rest are mostly service industry of some sort.
Better than 70% of all jobs are low income or part time!

Any connection between that statistic and the policies of our socialist - regulating - tax spending government??

Oh Well! They're really good at looking after things! Right?

Sure looking after we see :

- More closed emergency rooms ( as go the doctors so go many other jobs and employment opportunities )
- More draconian measures inflicted on honest law abiding citizens ( MPI and mandatory immobilizers)
- More taxation through the Hydro and Gas customers ( as go the cost of living so goes the cost living off society )
- More tax shift onto the wage earners of Manitoba ( bracket creep looks good to some but the arbitrary definition of wealthy by the NDP seems to be anyone with a full time job )
- More impediments to business and investment ( all of the above apply)
- Lower standards to continue for education along with increased costs to taxpayers ( but what the Hey! It's only greedy rich people that pay taxes! Right?)
- Increasing crime and mayhem
- Lower standard of living for one and all

I wonder how long it will be before Christine Melnick screws up Water Stewardship! ( Well as long as she concentrates on really important stuff like driving the Ice Breaker we'll be safe!)
I wonder what fabulous contributions that paragon of great ideas Erin Selby will offer?

Well done Manitoba you really picked the right Leaders for your happy little socialist paradise!




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