Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Peter Dawe Holds a Press Conference!

Update on Reporting of the Conference: CBC actually surprises with an accurate and unslanted report! Fallen Soldier Never Gave Up!

Another Update:
CTV Plays it True to Form! Focussed on all the wrong things naturally and drawing on the CP report for inspiration.

Yet, the asshats from the MSM just keep hammering away at their pet themes!

In spite of his patience in dealing with the trite, slanted and just plain asinine questions from the media Peter Dawe really did not seem to get his point across.

Characterized by the CP report of the event (which will no doubt form the basis for most of the MSM commentary to appear in the next while) the reporters and writers choose to focus on the "Frustration" the "Guerilla" war the and the "Difficulties" faced in the effort!

Completely oblivious to the rather obvious scolding they were getting about their own failings in reporting the facts of the Afghan mission in general or the outlook of the younger Dawe and his compatriots.

Our MSM continues to belittle and dismiss the soldiers qualities and their accomplishments!

From Me on Behalf of the Dawe family and All the other Military who understand what commitment is about and that the facts of the matter are not some arbitrary decision to be made by journalists and their organizations:


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