Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Iran Continues to Make It Clear!

That their intention is to dominate the the region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Sea.

This Islamofascist nation is flush with oil wealth and hoping to create alliances with any Muslim dominated Islamic states who are willing( Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan?) AND to destabilize and attempt to control any who are not ( Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and pretty much all of North Africa) !

This is NOT "Saber Rattling" on the part of the Iranian Mullah-cracy!

This is a serious threat to any hope of this region participating in a modern and civilized world and anti-ethical to the principals of democracy and freedom.

While there is little doubt that they will eventually fail and fall by the wayside. This will prove to be another of history's vicious and bloody lessons in how complacent western democracies fail to act in the best interest of humanity until it is usually far too late avert great human cost and economic loss.

Unless of course the nations of the civilized world get their heads out of their collective asses and take action to Isolate and Control this rogue state very soon.


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