Friday, August 03, 2007

Tory "Meddling at CBC ?.... Heavens! What's taken so long?

Today I gloat!

Apparently the hogs are in a lather in their pens at the CBC over news that a CPC insider is working for an HR firm will be reviewing their resumes.

As the search for new blood in senior positions like Director of news gets underway a memo was sent around to internal candidates to send their CV's to Tom Long.
Apparently Mr. Long is a long time CPC member and used to belong to the Reform party.

Scary stuff!

Of course the memo got dispatched quickly to an NDP pol well know for his bloviating and animated displays of righteous indignation , Charlie Angus ... who of course "Raised the Alarm"!
What alarm is that? "Lookout there's a fox in the hen house?"

CTV GlobeMedia are right on top of it and I can hardly wait to see what will come out of the Red Rag of Toronto.....
Here we go!

With honours to Canadian Press for banging that old drum... Naturally!

Of course nothing's been done yet except that a non-Liberal friendly firm got a job.
So what's all the oinking about? I do not recall any of these folks getting all up in arms over the usual handling of matters through friends of the LPC. Sounds like a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth over not much. These groups are very threatened by things being handled outside the old gang. Even though they will remain over represented in all areas the hogs squeal as if they were being slaughtered en masse.

As for ME ... I say GOOD's about bloody time that lefty group of Librano insiders got stuck with a hot poker!
Long past time to cull the herd at the Ceeb so let's get on with it.

Squeal little piggies! SQUEAL!


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