Sunday, September 23, 2007

Because Why?

Because They Hate ..... That's why!

Whenever I hear someone announce that they have a special grasp on truth or reality I will increase my skepticism of what they have to say tenfold. That being the case with the self described ATC ( American Congress for Truth ) .... I have been especially critical when reading or listening to the words of Brigitte Gabriel.
I have come to the conclusion that ...
This is Truth

With American ... that includes Canada ... mainstream seeking to find safe refuge from the truly threatening realities of the world today there are precious few voices that speak with authority and experience which may be heard above the chatter and noise of the Liberal/Left.

While the clucking, braying, bleating and screeching believers in moral equivalence seek to deflect hard and pointed scrutiny and criticism from the sworn enemies of our hard earned life of prosperity and freedom .... the poison of Islamic Fascism grows unabated. So called leaders chose to ignore or worse, seek accommodation with minions of evil. The media operating under the foolish delusions of political correctness panders with venality to these same forces. And, the bewildered masses go about with blinders on ..... too damned scared to admit to themselves the future they are walking into as they follow like the children of Hamelin the pied piper's of the MSM.

While these deluded sheeple go on Whistling past the graveyard of the hopes and dreams of democracy, there are at least a few voices speaking clearly, truthfully and with strength!

One such voice is Brigitte Gabriel's....

"Political correctness is killing us.
We are in for the fight of our lives."

"How do I know this? I was born in Lebanon and raised as a Christian. When the Lebanese Civil War broke out, our family, and our Maronite community came under vicious attack by Islamic extremists. They promised to destroy us, and as you know from the recent war in Lebanon, the country is now nearly Islamic."

This is Brigitte Gabriel's message!


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