Friday, September 14, 2007

Just Because It's Friday!

Have you met Sofia?

Sure you look OK! Care for a beer now?

Meet you over at The Broom for some Blues and Beer then.......


Oh! BTW - It's Conspiracy Theory Day over at the Lumberjack's cabin in the woods!!
Laughter is GOOD!

And so is a good Canadian Beer!

Although I had a couple of Traditional Ales from Big Rock in the fridge ..... I figured one was enough and I'd like to keep one on hand. So.......
I dug out one of the last of these......... Nice and frosty!

Although this is not the old Carling product of my youth it IS a much better beer than what the old Preston Ontario brewery kicked out.
This has a nice aromatic hoppiness to it with a little bit of the old time sour fruit in the background .... not unpleasant at all! It's just enough to invoke memories for those of us that have them .... but good enough to stand on it's own. This is a decent beer.
Clear and golden without a lot of head .... good on the palate ... clean finishing.
A very well balanced and refreshing beverage!!



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