Friday, September 21, 2007

Just Because It's Friday!

Meet Ali !

What's that? Your out of beer?
No problem!

We've got something for this chilly last day of summer.......

Bruegel Amber Ale from Brewery Van Steenberge

She's softly amber ... not too dark or too rich... with lots of floral and spice in the hops and just the right amount of caramel in the malt. There's no big drama when poured and the head is a quick thrill that settles down on as a lacy reminder. Sweet sensation on the lips and tongue that finishes cleanly with a pleasant aftertaste.
We want more!

And Just because it's Friday..... Something Else that's very cool!

The Bobster - A "Steampunk" creation!
What would the world look like if technology had taken a different turn?

More at The

And for a bit of satire............

First Off ..... This Seems Like Good Advice ... A Message to be Heeded!
Lumberjacks Speak The Truth To Moonbatteryists!

Well .... Get on over to DustMyBroom For Darcey's picks of Friday Night Blues and Beer !


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