Monday, September 17, 2007

So How Did This Come About?

Nuclear Materials In Syria?

Ok! This may be just some imaginative Dot Connection by the authors ...... BUT ........ the Dots that are being connected are there!

In any case if you recall the way this story has been handled by the MSM:
1 - Articles based on Press Release from Syria claiming Israeli Planes infringed the air space of Syria! Most implying reckless adventuring by Israel's air force / pilots....
2 - No comment from Israel............ Inferring the usual sabre rattling BS out of Syria.
3 - Details of where the Israeli planes were and that they performed a strike! Speculation and fuzzy claims of Iran / Syria / Hezbollah connection involving arms for the Terrorists.
4 - Now more speculation Linking North Korean Shipments to Syria with past activities where
NK rocket components followed the same route.

Given Israel's history of striking when it becomes necessary and the fact the every such past attack they have undertaken has proven to be well founded by the seriousness of the threats posed, I'm inclined to think that this event was well justified whether or not nuclear materials are involved!


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