Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Toronto Gets Another Car Chase - CTV Blames Police!

Last night in Toronto the Immaculate a couple of thugs committed an armed robbery and tried to flee the scene with City Police in pursuit. They went up the 401 and back south into Scarborough neighbourhoods where the chase ended in a gun battle leaving one criminal shot and another apprehended.

CTV News reporters bring up the fact that another recent case of police pursuing a fleeing vehicle left a 17 year old dead. They go on to characterize the chases as being rare the fact is that they are certainly NOT rare.

They then go on to make much of statistics about injuries resulting from police chases and essentially blame the police by implying that law enforcement is Responsible for the damage and dangers.

In the entire report not once do the CTV talking heads identify the criminals involved as what they are. Instead the terms used are "17 year old" and "Young Men" or just suspects, that imply the "Victims" here are the just a bunch of kids who are being chased.

The anchor twit's insightful question: "Why were so many shots fired?"
The Twit in the Field's response: "Well that's exactly the question!"

CTV - always with the intelligent analysis and insightful commentary! And, right there to whitewash the criminals and absolve the thugs of all responsibility. Right there to put the blame on the police.

I swear that the only person with half a brain at CTV in Toronto is the Weather Guy Jeff Hutchison!


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