Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wednesday IS Hump Day!

And today's HUMP is an organization known as The ACLU ! Who at every turn and opportunity will work their very hardest to undermine the efforts of the United States of America to protect and secure it's people from criminals and low life of all descriptions. Bashing the institutions of the US is their favorite game and undermining the freedoms of the US constitution under the guise of holding out for the defense of that backbone set of laws the favorite tactic. Now with their teeth bared in hatred of the US military they are taking up the cause of "protecting" foreign entities by invoking US law!

Never mind the fact that US civil law has NO transnational validity or sway over military operations.

The real goal of the ACLU is to act as a 5th column against the interests of the American military the Presidency the Constitution and therefore by extension The American People.

To the mavens of the ACLU it is the US itself that is evil and they work tirelessly to remake it into the Socialist Utopia they dream of.

Never mind that should they ever succeed it will be the destruction of the greatest democracy and force for good in this world that has ever existed.

The ACLU = A Bunch of Humps


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