Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't Think GST Cut is Significant?

With corrections... my earlier info was out by a factor of 12!

Send me 1% of everything that you buy then .... seriously!
Leave your contact info here and I'll set up a contract and a transfer account so you can calculate your expenditures and put the appropriate amount.....

Let's say this Economist is right ..... and the average is $13 a MONTH per person. ($156/yr)

Just 200 willing contributors would net me a tidy $31,200 per year and pay for really really nice vacation. Or put my kids through University......

Get me 10 million or so average consumers and that's a tidy 1.56 BILLION bucks for me!

The real thing is that this ALL goes back into the economy!
The economy that sustains our jobs and quality of life ... NOT to the government coffers which are the antithesis of what's good and right for our well being!

Hell yeah!




Blogger Shere Khan said...

Dion will never say that though.
It makes sense.

How many Liberals do you think will abstain?

10/30/2007 4:21 p.m.  
Blogger marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

You know I bought a house this year.

Average house is approx 200,000 in canada, new maybe 300K

I count 3 grand saved, via 1%

New car, say 20 grand 200 bucks,

If anyone buying a new car thinks that's not a lot of $$$ I'd like to point out it's more than they gave me.

And it's better than the liberals charging me 666 for daycare kids when my children are at home with mom.

10/30/2007 4:30 p.m.  

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