Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday's Beer - Wells Bombardier !

In the middle of October - He's sampling an English Ale?

Well ............. Yes ! I'm needing a break from the Bavarian beverages and So...
I pulled this one off the shelf at the local MLC.
Wells Bombardier - Premium English Ale

This one pours into my glass with a rich amber body and a thick creamy butter- blonde head.

The top settles down to an even cover fed by a steady effervescence from the body and there is a nice lingering on the sides of my glass.

The aroma is all classic hops that remind us of citrus and banana with just a hint of the malts and a bakeshop in the background.
Creamy and smooth on the palate .... just enough malt and hops to give us a bite at first then finishing clean. Another sip is required and each invites another.
Some may find the flavor too mild or underwhelming ...... but there remains an overall sense of fulfillment with each taste that I take.

It is really hard to put this glass down.

The bottle is 568ml and the abv=5.2 making this a satisfying pint.

To the Charles Wells brewery ....

Oh yeah! Don't forget to head on over to The Broom for Darcey's picks of beverage and Blues....And a belated Happy B'day to big D!


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