Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Laurel And Hardy Show !

Tom Brodbeck
From The WPG SUN offers us this :
" I saw one of the best examples of government run-around last week. "

I really get a kick out of this .... The Leader of the Liberal Party in Manitoba does not know enough about how this government works to simply go to the website and look it up! Or have enough sense to just ask one of his staff ... who might have a clue.

Then after finally finding the one who does hold the bag ... Turns out It's Christine Melnick who sits as the token head of Water Stewardship .... thinks that he's going to actually get an answer from her about her own portfolio!

Where has this guy been living for the last 8 years? Has he no knowledge of Melnick and the NDP?

And to think .... If the voters who wasted their ballots on Gerrard and his candidates last June had the sense to support the Conservatives we may very well be rid of Melnick and her party of incompetents.





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