Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Crazy Americans.......

For several generations now the American psyche has been getting trampled upon by the post modernist ideology.

It has resulted in a truly schizoid rift and an ever increasing number of perpetual adolescents who are desperate to be coddled and sheltered from the dangers and harsh realities of the world. As the demands for ever more "Nurse Nanny" governance increase so to does the wailing of the weak minded and self important creations of a cotton ball culture whenever they are forced to face the harsh realities of our modern world.

You see this pathological behaviour in the Shrieking and finger wagging and name calling that occurs whenever someone dares to speak harshly or critically of the sacred cows in the PeeCee world or even to demonstrate plain truthfulness and honesty in matters of import.

In many cases all it takes is the perception of some group's collective dignity being called into question to set off the petulant tirades.

Yet these people insist on attacking anyone and anything that actually does protect their sorry asses.

The truly odd thing about this segment of society is how these insecurities manifest themselves.

From public displays of what amounts to organized temper tantrums ( see just about any protest) .... To organizations dedicated to sticking it to "The Man" "The System" "Big Government" ( see ACLU NAACP etc.)

With the US engaged in political and military struggles on so many levels these days and especially in the looming shadow of federal elections next year the shrieking types (see Moonbats) are feeling empowered and ever more justified in their public displays of petulant self indulgence.
What was once considered aberrant behaviour by society (freekshow protests) is becoming or has become common place and seems to be tolerated to a degree which is truly astounding.

The absurdity of some of the issues embraced by the Moonbat culture is even quite comical.
..... although they do tend to take themselves oh so seriously.

Take for instance the current circus of protests around the issue of what is being called torture.

When I was growing up as a pre-teen we played games that were more frightening and dangerous than this thing called water boarding.
Buy me a beer some time and I'll tell you some stories! Let's just say that what passed for entertainment and sport in the 1950's playground would result in plenty of social agencies responding in panic to the "crisis" of child endangerment and calls for all kinds of "action".

That could be the theme for a whole other story though....

Back to Water Boarding .... by the standards of the childsplay that I and my peers engaged in this would be considered a participant sport! IN fact I'd bet that outside of the PeeCee circles of the modern American ... you could set up a waterboard as an activity for the local carnival and charge money to take the ride.

Not so much though for these crybabies ... Code Pink Water Board Protest .... Although if you watch the video you'll see that they are voluntarily doing it to themselves!
I wonder how much they practiced ..... before they took this show to the protest??

Link and video courtesy Stop The ACLU


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Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

wonderful rant..I mean post ..ha..great words to live by!

11/07/2007 2:21 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

I didn't think I was ranting.... more expostulating ...
Oh well ..... sometimes it's hard to tone it down when your onto something that really galls.

11/07/2007 2:53 p.m.  

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