Friday, November 16, 2007

Just Because It's Friday!

From the Boys on Keewatin St. .... That's Half Pints Brewing Co. for the uninitiated ...
...another new product... Sweet Nikki Brown - A tribute to Wifey Nicole ....

I'll leave it to you to read about it Here!
Also check out the Brewers Blog!
This will have to do as my camera batteries died and I'm not waiting for the recharge before I drink this bottle ! SO .... With apologies to the Brewmeister ..... I'm going to initiate my own intimate relationship with Nikki...... The Ale That is!

As described on the label she is brown ... a very nice deep amber kind of brown that reminds me of some other very enjoyable delights.
Poured into the big glass from the 600ml bottle there is a rich creamy head that rises to more than an inch and stays around for the long haul with a steady rise of effervescence from the depths of the vessel.

Nikki's aroma is fresh and flowery with a hint of lemon .... not strong but just enough perfume to stimulate the senses ... there's a bit of the bakery in the background too ....she promises to be very special.

With the first taste of her you know there's going to be some very high quality time spent together. The flavours are complex enough to keep you interested and then some.
For me it's malty and meaty like roasted hazelnuts and maybe almonds.... just a slight muskiness ... as you finish the sample you may notice a creamy sensation and a passing touch of bitter and then a pleasant clean finish with a hint of coffee.

For me this is a very fulfilling relationship ....... I'll try to make the most of it!


Now Meet Ursula ......

She's dressed for some kind of party and smokin hot .... nice guitar too!

And if you're interested in some mental exercise try a Spin Class

Cheers! ......... and don't forget it's Blues and Beer with Darcey and the gang at the Broom!

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Blogger Brewmaster Dave said...

Stay away from my wife you...

Ha Ha, thanks for tryin' the brew!

11/16/2007 4:36 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Sure thing .... keep up the good work!

11/16/2007 4:45 p.m.  
Blogger Shere Khan said...

There's a guitar in that picture? Wait, let me look again...

Oh yeah, if I squint just a little I can see it!

11/16/2007 5:31 p.m.  

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