Friday, November 23, 2007

Just Because It's Friday!

" A wheat beer from the good old days ! "
They say .

Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel (dark) A new find for me at the local MLC store.

You know that as they say "You cannot judge a book by the cover" but sometimes you can't help being impressed by a dark beauty in a sleek black gown wearing gold and red accents. I'll admit .... this one caught my eye and that's why I brought her home.

Chilled to 40f the 500ml bottle opens without any fanfare from the live yeast that allows the beer to mature in the bottle. ( at least this one did not POP ) And a quick whiff at the mouth yields some interesting molasses and malt aromas.

A gentle pour into the tall beer glass produces a massive golden cream hued crown of froth.
I got 3/4 glass of foam with only a small pour! After settling down to about 2" on top I gave it another try. On the second pour I manged to get the glass 4/5 full of luscious dark bubble filled liquid with bubble rising from deep in the glass and holding that rich crown of cream up at the top.
A sample for fragrance from the glass gives the impression of a spring garden with the first fresh grass and the earliest buds on the fruit trees. A sweet sensation like the smell of a beautiful girl's hair in the sunlight.
The thick foam can be eaten off the top like whipped cream on a cappuccino a rich and smooth treat.

Once the top is consumed and a few cursory sips taken the body yields up some more of that bake shop sweetness.

Each taste is a reinforcement of what the nose had promised.... there are no disappointments here. The flavour is complex and gentle and the texture smooth and creamy sensuous.

The end of each taste is clean and pure leaving only the inkling that you need to go back for more. This bee provides one of the best experiences possible and is the closest thing to sex in a glass that I've tried up until now. It's like breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert, music and sex in glass.

Drink this one with good music playing and the lights down low. If you want to put it over the edge of pleasure ...... do it with an intimate friend! Don't be afraid to engage all of your senses with this dark beauty.....
I say these are the good old days!

Cheers! And don't forget to get on over to DustMyBroom for Darcey's picks of blues and beer!

Gina ....
You .... Me and some Erdinger Dunkel!

Sweet !


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