Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just A Little Reminder .....

For the memory challenged.....
A little hobnailed boot to the
Remember Button! Courtesy of Rodger "The Lumberjack" Thomas...

Why would Denis Kucinich want to "Impeach Dick Cheney" ??

Well the term idiot comes to mind............. but Americans seem to be comfortable with electing Batshit Crazy politicians .... maybe just for the comic value and entertainment they provide!

But why would the Republicans in Congress move against immediately dumping this absurd piece of moonbattery??

Well the idea of illuminating the foolishness comes to mind.......... after all what better opportunity to embarrass your opponents than by showing everyone what total losers they are?
And then immediately crushing their dreams.....

Any way ... Thanks to the Vegan/UFO freek with the ridiculously HOT wife !!


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