Friday, November 23, 2007

Progressive Thought Contradicted by Reality !

This should be an object lesson to those in Canada who are making such a fuss about our Government's proposed toughening of laws ....... SHOULD BE!

Update: Dust My Broom Has a good list of the typical groups who we are forced to tolerate in their mindless opposition to our efforts to maintain a civil society!

Remember all the noise from social activists about how the "Income Gap" is getting too wide?
The rich are getting richer (obscenely) while the poor are getting ever more poor and destitute?

You know how they like to trot out "Experts" who forever claim that "Crime is Caused by Poverty"?
How they always like to claim that the ever widening "Income Gap" proves that poverty is on the increase?

You know - this train of so called logic: (> Income Gap) = (> Poverty Rates) = (> Crime Rates)

And remember how those same social activists and experts on poverty and crime like to trot out their buddies who are "Criminology" experts? The ones that are forever arguing that tougher enforcement and greater incarceration NEVER works ... and they always Claim they can prove it!

Well ladies and gentlemen! Suck On These Statistics:

If you can't read it on the page click on the image to make it larger.
NYC-Crime Stats

Going back to 1990 Murder down 73.6 % ! This year over last down 16.2 % !

Care to know why?

Rudy Giulianni's - simple solution :

Enforce Laws + Arrest Criminals + Prosecute to the MAX + Incarcerate as much as possible = Lower Crime and Safer Society

If you have any questions about what works and what does not just read this again and repeat it until it sinks in.


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Anonymous unclebob said...

I published this same chart in our coffee shop newsletter about nine months ago when Winnipeg was looking at doing something similar.

After analysis we found it similar in name only and because of the failure to appreciate the importance of a holistic prescription, was likely going to prove ineffective.

the key missing pieces were

A: holding geographic management to account for performance within their area through firings and reassignments and

B: allowing and encouraging beat police to stop and roust individuals for even the very small offenses like spitting in public and

C: attention and response to entry level crimes.

11/24/2007 10:36 a.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Give it a try ... could not be any worse or less effective than what's being done here and now.

11/24/2007 3:40 p.m.  

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