Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An Amy Winehouse Christmas

I seldom have any interest in commenting on current or even sort-of-recent pop performers OR especially on their private lives. I simply consider that regardless of what someone's gig is, what they do otherwise is just their own damned business.
Add to that the fact that I consider the cult of celebrity fascination to be the domain of complete idiots!

But I keep seeing Amy Winehouse in the news and basically it looks like she is setting new standards for rocknroll hedonism and self abuse! Considering some of the past masters of the lifestyle .... Hendrix ... Morrison .... Cash .... just to name a few it gets me wondering about what Amy's talent quotient is in the matter of Talent versus Notoriety. So I've been listening to Amy's music and I have to say that I do like her stuff. It's really too damned bad that "Living the Life" and the attention she gets from that intransigent attitude seems to trump the music.

At this point though it seems we're witnessing an epic train wreck so we might as well sit back and just take in the show ..... such as it is!

I give you .... The Amy Winehouse 12 Days of Christmas :


I found this over at Mitchieville!



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