Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CBC Desperately Trying to Change The Channel!

I was curious to see whether the Interview today with Sayed Soharwardy about the business with his withdrawal of the HRC complaint against Ezra Levant was going to be available as an on-line clip.
So I went there looking for something about it and .... well I did not find what I was looking for ..... BUT!

Two things did stand out about the On-line site for the Ceeb:

(As of 21:30 Central Standard Time)

First - There were NO as in ZERO references to any of the LIberal shenanigans of the week!
Which leads me to believe that with things going rapidly sideways for the Lying Losers and Thieves Liberal Party it would be good for them (the Ceeb) to help out by trying to refocus on other news. Things getting dangerously close to the point where even regular CBC lovers might notice the water bearers doing double time to keep the LIberal boat afloat?

Second - Bob McDonnald has A BLOG and it looks to me like he's trying to sell AGW while reminding folks of the obvious error in attributing weather patterns to climate patterns. Yeah Bob we know that the difference is in the matter of scale etc..... Microcosm versus Macrocosm etc.... But are you seriously trying to tell us that your observation proves anything one way or the other?

And so I guess things are all pretty much normal on Front Street!

BTW - Here's my take on the Sayed Soharwardy interview:

- It was never my intention that things turn out this way ! ( I'll bet!)
- This just got out of control! (Out of YOUR control!)
- He (Levant) was monopolizing the dialogue! ( You bet he did!)
- He was making himself a martyr ! ( Whassamatta? Jews can't be Martyrs?)
- This was going in a direction I did not want ! ( No shit?)

Kind strikes me that having the public's scrutiny on his behaviour is not something SS likes very much! Also strikes me that he's not very bright and extremely disingenuous!

I'll bet his rants at the mosque are a load of fun...........

If only we could count on the MSM to keep their short attention spans focussed on him!


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