Thursday, February 07, 2008

Political Wit?

Well smarty pants CP Writer Bruce Cheadle an habitual cheerleader for the LPC seems to think so .... with this Headline:

"Beware the Ides of March: Tories set stage for confidence showdowns next month"

My my my .... how very clever! As if quoting a line from Shakespeare's Julius Caeser marks him as either a wit or a scholar....

Well at least he did not go on to try to draw parallels with Stephen Harper cast in the role of Caeser !

Or seemingly dufus Dion for that matter .... although for my money if anyone was taking bets .... the guy who has to worry about knives in the back would be precious Stephane .... Now who do you think would play the role of his Brutus?

Ides of March! Ya right .......
and if as I suspect Bruce that you mean to offer this as a warning to Conservatives about the dangers we might face in March should an election be called don't worry we KNOW who our enemies are ..... You Are!


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