Monday, March 03, 2008

Good Thing Canadian Press Is

Harper gradually 'tightening the screws' on government... "

"OTTAWA - Perhaps the most significant act of the Harper government is being conducted so slowly, steadily, and silently that it has raised barely a whisper of public debate. "

"After three Conservative budgets, the Government of Canada has been made financially incapable of offering costly new social programs or significant tax cuts for the foreseeable future."

Yes and the good news is that money is going back into the hands of the people to whom it BELONGS!

Federal finance minister's 'attacks' on Ontario undermine economy... "

"TORONTO - Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty undermined confidence in the Canadian economy with his "inappropriate and potentially harm... "

Sure and the fact that Ontario's Government is incompetent and doing everything in their power to ruin their own economy has "Nothing" to do with that! Right Dalton?

Canada's government is interfering in U.S. election, says strategist....

"Bob Shrum, who has advised former presidential candidates, told NBC's Meet the Press that he thinks the Canadian government is trying to help Republican John McCain reach the White House."
" ..... "You've got a right-wing government in Canada that is trying to help the Republicans and is out there actively interfering in this campaign," said Shrum. "

SO ... the Liberal Socialists of the US Democratic party ... who are NOT in Government think it's just fine to make noises about tossing out international trade treaties. But when Canadians report the FACT that these same slithering pols said they were LYING er ...... Just Kidding! Then that makes us a RIGHT WING Government!!

Liberals! All the same!


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