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FITNA - Plenty of Condemnation! And Updates...

And ALL of it aimed at Geert Wilders and his movie!

Related Update -
Austria Prosecutes Politician
for criticizing Islam!

Plus - Belgium anti-discrimination Police plan to criminalize the posting of Fitna on websites!

" ..
Today in neighbouring Belgium the government’s anti-discrimination body CEOOR warned bloggers and websites to remove their links to Wilders’s movie. The CEOOR states that the movie aims to foster “fear, distrust and hatred of Muslims.” The anti-discrimination body has asked the Belgians to be “vigilant” and to report “cases of incitement to hatred and/or discrimination.” ...""

Angel's Musings

Funny how telling the truth about Islam and the behaviour of it's adherents gets a person labeled as a "Racist" .....

UN steps In to Defend Islam" From Truth ...

CBC Online ... hoping for more Violence?

So far both You Tube and Live Leak have caved in to pressure and Threats of violence from the members of "The Religion of Peace"

Thanks to Darcey at DMB ... Fitna The Movie

Funny how the hate promoting websites of Islamic Terrorists are still standing !

The infamous movie produced and promoted by Geert Wilders of the Netherlands called Fitna.
Much protested by the RoP crowd well in advance of anyone ever having seen it.... even to the point of Dutch and other Euro pols proposing to BAN it in advance of anyone ever having seen it!
Has created a stir this past week and especially today.

The web hosting company Network Solutions removed the web site used in promoting the movie which is supposed to highlight the belligerent intentions and acts of Islamic Fundamentalists.

They cited complaints received about the movie and it's promotional site as the usual litany of accusations from groups like CAIR and such...

Network Solutions also just coincidentally hosted in the US!

That is until earlier today where it is noted by Report on Arrakis that the terrorist organization's site has been removed!

Cheers for that!

Arrakis goes on in the post to list other sites that host pro-terrorist organizations web sites.

Some other people watching the Internet Life of "Fitna" - Gates of Vienna

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wilders Movie Website, Network Solutions, Is Caving Into Radical Islam.

Muslims Against Sharia neither endorse nor condemn "Fitna"; we have not seen the film. However, we find it disturbing that Network Solution suspended "Fitna" website while hosting a multitude of radical Islamic websites, some of which belong to (or are closely affiliated with) terrorist groups.

3/26/2008 12:51 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Thank You....
Apparently they have removed Hizbolla .net

3/27/2008 11:59 a.m.  

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