Monday, April 28, 2008

Biologists Are Out of Fashion - Enter the Climatologist!

In the realm of popular science or "PopSci" trends come and trends go away. Sometimes trends come back! One common thread through the years are the DOOM SAYERS of Science who clamour for public attention and the funding that may go along with it. As the more astute keep their ears to the political ground our current crop of Oracles are getting plenty of mileage out of the Global Warming / Climate Change fad.

The biologists apparently had their heyday about 40 years ago.

They now seem to be relegated to the peanut gallery of beggars for research funds. This is the day of the climatologist!

A group that will find themselves in the same boat as those 1970's biologists in less time!

Like Darcey says : Here Comes The Science .... some interesting predictions from the 1970's "Washington Policy Center" and their gang of sciento-pop-ologists!

Now the question that this raises is .... What will be the next fad and the next "EXPERT" group who will be in the limelight of MSM and shitwit political focus??

Note: The Washington Policy Center has nothing to do with policy in Washington or with the government in any way shape or form .... think Suzuki Foundation on a much bigger scale!


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