Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday's Beer !

Today we are treated to yet another new product from the boys on Keewatin St.

Half Pints Brewing

Let me introduce you to Pothole Porter ...............
"Half Pints Brewing Company is celebrating spring with a brand new beer – Pothole Porter." It comes in the new standard sized 341ml bottle that is returnable to the beer vendors and the posted strength is 7.9% abv.

7.9% Usually a good sign that what's in the bottle is better than average just to start!

First a little background on Porters :

These Ales are commonly very dark and strong. The name comes from 18th century London and the common love of these local beverages among the workingmen or Porters. The extra strong versions are usually known as Stout or Doubles and we see these being recreated in many of the Craft Breweries of today! Thank You! ..... to all the brewers who are keeping this tradition alive...

I first got interested in porter and stout around 1970 when some local expat Brits were convincing the local Legion to get some in.
Had a heck of a time doing it too! But, what did happen was that Molson's had a product available and we eventually got the Brewer's Retail to stock it. Thus we ended up with Molson's Porter. Now, as I recall it was a fairly bland brew ... with just a little more malt and nothing special in the hops. It was dark brown but not nearly so much as the imports and craft beers we enjoy today. Never the less it was an experience that opened this boy's eyes to the possibility of something other than Lager and Pale Ale! Thanks to Molson's for that.

Now to the task at hand! A most pleasant one..............

I served my Porter at a basement storage temperature of about 60 f. and it seems to be just right. The pour is uneventful and produces a glass full of brew so dark that NO light passed through it. With a rich tan head that settles out almost immediately it's a passive glass of richness. The aroma is toasty malts and a touch of caramel with hops that remind me of fresh grass and maybe a bit like banana peel. All very appetizing.

This one's taste is warm and rich chocolate, smooth on the tongue and finishing with a bit of floral hoppiness that mellows out into what is almost like coffee on the back of the palate. There is an aftertaste that just lingers and produces a mouth watering urge for another deeper draught.

It's not subtle but it is well balanced .... strong enough but nothing that overpowers ... smooth dreamy rich dark chocolate.

Dark! Yes Indeed....
BUT .... Nothing at all like the black crap they're busily filling our Winnipeg Pot Holes with!

THANK YOU Half Pints!

Now remember ....Get On Over to Dust My Broom for something NEW and Different in Blues and Brews! It's Friday Night Blues and Beer!



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spring does bring on the potholes!
Your post made me thirsty so I'm crackin' one now.


4/04/2008 1:51 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Cheers to you Larry .... CULTR at the Broom........

4/04/2008 2:02 p.m.  

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