Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday's Beer

From Rio Brazil's Most Widely Found Beer

It's called Brahma and it's a real traditional lager style beer. Comes in a clear 355ml bottle that's curvy & sexy like a Brazilian Bikini model......

This golden stuff pours straight and clear with almost no foam and what there is is gone like wisp of smoke. There's a steady stream of bubbles that rise up from throughout the body but no top.

The nose is all hops and sour citrus that won't help you to like the brew but the flavour is the kind of hoppy tart and crisp that goes just fine in the summer heat. The finish is clean and crisp just like you want in a thirst quencher.

Think Cerveza and think lime wedges in iced bottles sweating condensation like golden skinned girls doing the samba on a humid killer hot night!

Kinda like Adrianna .....

Drink it real cold and drink it with food like my double pepperoni, double salami, double cheese thin crust with ham and sausage meat!

Now get on over to Friday Night Blues & Beer at dustmybroom dot com for Darcey's best picks of Brews and Blues ....



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