Thursday, May 08, 2008

The CBC Wants You To Know Khadr Better!

Defending Terrorists and Jihadis

100% of TV news readers at the CBC want to get to know the blessed little jihadi Omar Khadr better.

That's the word today from the taxpayer funded national broadcaster. The folks at the CeeB would like us to believe that Khadr is a child soldier who is being railroaded by the evil American Military Industrial Complex.... or something lie that.

Here's what Khadr's lawyer has to say :

"This is a brand new system designed to convict the detainees, so there are a lot of challenges we are obligated to bring we would not bring in an ordinary case," Kuebler said.

Kuebler predicts Khadr will be given a life sentence. He had been hoping to delay the trial until after the November election when a new U.S. president is elected, one who might decide to close Guantanamo.

He is also hoping the delay will give Canadians more time to get to know Khadr through the hearing process, which may spur the public to pressure the Harper government to bring Khadr home and be dealt with in Canada.

Kuebler said that Khadr will make a symbolic gesture on Thursday and stand up when the judge enters the courtroom, something Khadr has refused to do in his six appearances.

Many of the inmates have boycotted the process of the military commission, saying it is illegitimate.

"The reason, Kuebler says, [Khadr] will stand up is to show he will play by the rules," Gillespie reports.

"Not to say the court's legitimate, but he wants to send a message back to people in Canada that if Canada was to bring him back … he's willing to be a well behaved citizen to follow a normal life. He's not a threat."

No ... he's not a threat while he's locked up .... but he is still a criminal and a freekin murderous little scumbag.

Now I wonder when CBC and the others will show an up to date picture of him?
Seems also that the MSM in general thinks this 21 year old is still a teen !

And do you think you'll see another example of Khadr as a child?

More opinion at Flaggman's Canada

What part of "They Pulled the little shit off the battle field! " is so hard to understand?


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Anonymous Frozen Tex said...

If only, if only... If only they'd just shot him in the first place... But noooo, some ociffer thought they'd be able to get some valuable intel outta him; like some snot-nosed kid's gonna know where Bin Ladin's hiding...

5/08/2008 11:56 a.m.  
Blogger sjreid60 said...

This photo was taken in Kabul on 14 August, 1998. It's source can be found here:

The subject in the photo is not named but he appears to be older than Omar Khadr would have been on that date.

Now, I'm not saying that Khadr is not guilty of the charges against him. How would I know? He hasn't even had a trial yet. What I am saying is that maybe you should check the facts before you post an item as inflammatory as this is.

1/30/2010 10:41 a.m.  

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