Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Is Hump Day !

With the sheer volume of crapolla going on around the world you might think that it could be hard to pick JUST ONE Hump of the Week!

You might consider Romeo Dallaire for the title with his moral equivalence pandering to the Lefty UN Type patter about everyone who wants to lock up and execute terrorists being Criminals and no better than Al Qaida or the Taliban.

You might consider the paranoiac Military dictators of Myanmar.

You might consider Barbara Hall of the OHRC !

There are just SO many candidates.....

But thanks to The Mayor at Mitchieville I did not have any trouble.
Without the Mayor who found THIS thing ...... I might have had a tough decision to make!

I give you Jim Karygiannis .... On the devastating earthquake in China !

"I'm really sort of saddened and ashamed that the only thing Harper was able to do is send out a press release saying he's sorry it happened," !

Now besides the really cheap and obvious pandering for some sort of political points that exist largely in his own cheesy mind ...... He has some demands about Canada sending money to China! I suggest you read further at .... Mitchieville to learn how much JIM thinks we should be giving!

Just for the record ... we give China over $90 million a year in "Aid" ... remember this is a country who's GDP = $7 TRILLION as of last year whereas Canada's GDP = $1.3 Trillion..!

So basically we are giving money to a country run by a military oligarchy that has an economy that is more than FIVE TIMES greater than our own.

Now explain why JIM wants to give more of OUR Tax Dollars to China !

Update ... PM Harper Caved to this ridiculous gassbag's demands to match funding og NGO's in China ....!! Never mind the fact the the bulk of the financing for NGOs already comes from government and taxes. ...... Harper is really starting to act the fool.


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Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

youre right my much hard to choose!!

5/15/2008 8:46 a.m.  

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