Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beer In the News!

Big Oil Has NOTHING on Big Beer ....

When it comes to Irony and misplaced Schadenfreude!

InBev: All You Brewskis are Belong to Us

Writes Joe Noory ...

"Belgian ├╝ber-corporate brewer InBev tried to buy out Budweiser. Bud teases them for a while. Budweiser then tries to make itself into a poison pill by bidding on Mexican brewer Modelo. A mega-corp from a continent that has anti-corporatism as a universal home truth gets the kind of $70/share Dirty Sanchez they take such delight in seeing their big corporate behemoths give to any foreign entity,......."

See More at .. !NoPasaran!

Just keep your grubby hands off my favorites ! Eh... Ya Hosers !


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