Monday, June 09, 2008

CTV - Loves Euphemisms!

Calling military deserters and criminals "War Resisters" seems to me just a little bit trite.
Apparently though that's what the laughties in our political spectrum like to use as the term.

Since the opposition parties got together last week to support and pass a bill created by the "You've Got to Be Kidding Party*" to a support and provide shelter or criminals from the US our MSM has been having a wonderful time floating polls and running friendly stories telling us all about the high moral ground that exists for such people.

CTV loves the "War Resisters" it seems !
ON air interviews with the ilk featured offering a wonderful platform to justify their criminal actions. The talking heads all nodding knowingly and approvingly as they speak of the evil US and their "illegal" war.

*( You've Got to be Kidding Party is the creation of Joel Johannesen proud to be Canadian blogger)

There's a poll too if you care to go put in your two cents:

Should U.S. war resisters qualify for permanent resident status in Canada?

War Resisters ..... Sheesh!


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