Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Food Safety !

Why we need and deserve country of origin labeling on our food....

The recent news of contaminated food entering the market should plainly illustrate the need for clear food labeling.

Since some time in April there have been reports of salmonella poisoning due to contamination in tomatoes. This continues to the last week where US food safety officials put out a warning and many food service businesses are taking precautions by taking tomatoes off their menus or off their shelves.

For some reason it seems that authorities are incapable of deducing where the problem originates.
Let me help.
First - Name the most likely cause of contamination.
Easy ... contaminated water used in the washing and processing of the tomatoes!
Reports apparently confirm that this is the case.

Second - Name the produce growing region MOST likely to be using contaminated water in food processing.
Also Easy ... It's Mexico!
After weeks of investigation where focus was on US producer regions apparently the "Experts" think that this may be the source.

The FIRST report that mentions Mexico as the potential source of contaminated tomatoes came today!

Now, I do understand that my conclusion which took all of 30 seconds to arrive at was in no way definitive. However it seems that such simple problem solving efforts would provide a GOOD PLACE to start looking for the source of the problem. and take a lot less that than the weeks of casting about that has actually gone while people continue to get sick from salmonella poisoning.

So here's my solution:
Make food place of origin labels mandatory. Labels that show not just the country of origin but the region and the producer. I do not care to hear excuses from anyone on this matter. It can be done and for the sake of our health and safety it should be done.
So, if any politician types are reading take note. You need to get your head around this problem and do it now.
And FYI - YES I will boycott products from regions I consider unsafe or that I have other concerns about. It is my right to do so and I believe that it is the responsibility of my government to make it possible for me to exercise that right.

Some background on the current proposed Country Of Origin Law:

Legal Analysis
Government Info


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Wait a minute, wait a minute. Do you mean to tell me I CAN'T wash my food in poo?

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