Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's Beer !

Well not actually Friday's but rather a beer that I tasted a while ago when the evenings were still frosty and the urge for patio bonfires was too strong to resist in spite off the weather!

Meet my cool weather friend .......
Mill Street Brewery's Barley Wine !

Which doesn't seem to be on the menu anymore!

Anyway... It's 10% abv and came in a 500 ml crock with a resealable plug.... good for home bottlers to save and reuse!

The container opens with a solid pop and pours with a deep dark amber body that gives a solid and cream coloured head.

The aroma is strong on the caramels and malts with spices and fragrant herbal hops.
This is a bake shop full of aromas in a glass and it is bound to quicken your appetites.

On the palate the liquid is heavy and smooth as expected .... very sweet and rich she pleases many of your senses. The finish is smooth and the aftertaste pleasant and spicy.

There were no disappointments for me. Just the thing to warm you while cozy up at the fire enjoying some good company and fresh air.

As always there are other opinions too ... Rate Beer ! for one.

And do not forget .... even if you do it later ... Go over and visit the people at The Broom ... for Friday Night With a Brew and The Blues !! Always a fun time !

But most importantly get out and get some fresh air and nature God knows we get little enough summer to enjoy.

And with that "I am out of here!"


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