Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Revisiting The Neo-Conservative Epithet!

Anybody been called a Neo-Con recently?

I hear it crop up among youngish people once in a while and occasionally get the term tossed my way as a pejorative but on the whole I'm not seeing it used in the media or much in public as it was a few years ago. Like last year when I got called that by someone who chose to use the term as an epithet while talking behind my back to a mutual acquaintance ..... they shouldn't have been so worried about it! I'd admit to the fact that in many ways I meet the definition of neo-conservative.

I guess the fact that these people who believe it to be an ultimate sort of slur are too ingrained in their own self righteousness to understand that the foundations of neo-conservatism lie in very real and undistorted understanding of the ultimate futility and falseness of modern Liberalism.

You can see how Wiki Pedia makes the case that the "Neo Conservative" is an aberration in that modern Liberals suddenly decided that they were moving to the right as an act of political will and that all this only began happening in the 1960's and reached some new level in the Regan Era of US politics.
Aside from the US centric view of the contributors to Wiki Pedia I'd say that the problem with this view is that, the real evolution was that socialists began having more influence on the Liberal politicos thus drawing the traditionally liberal parties like the Democrats or the Canadian Liberals much further to the left of center.
Although in Canada we had that "Special" case of PET the avid socialist with a plan who very clearly mapped out and executed the plan for taking the Liberal party into the socialist path.

This left true centrist liberals in a defacto position of being right of center in the political spectrum.

However what went very much the wrong way was that many traditional Liberals or Democrats stuck with their party. Blindly loyal to the name and the brand it was these groups that enabled the hijacking of their parties into the realm of the extremely socialist camp of ideologues.
Witness the intransigent party supporters in their geographic clusters who NEVER change their vote regardless of what the party they are affiliated with morphs into. Witness also the generational fealty in these groups. It's like ingrained cult behaviour and the victims are just plain terrified of the "other" even if the other is often their own former compatriots.

Yep! Go ahead and call me a NEOCON and don't be afraid to say it to my face.

BTW - In order to actually be a "Neo - Conservative" I think I would have had to be a Liberal first and in the early post WWII years of 1945 to 1953 or there about ..... subsequently having an awakening to the reality of the utter fallaciousness of modern liberalism and it's adherents!

As it is the more accurate term would be "Post Neocon" or possibly "Post Modern Conservative" !

In any case it really does not matter because since I am NOT a Liberal in the modern sense I feel absolutely NO need rely on such labels to define myself.


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