Monday, June 09, 2008

Thinking about the Weather? Think IRONY

Laughed until I got a cramp when I heard about this..
Vancouver Chills ....leave Top Triathletes hypothermic?

Voluntary submission to pain and self abuse in the pursuit of fleeting glory under the guise of sport. My hat's off to people who are that tough and that determined that they can train themselves to such a high level of performance. At the end of the day though this really is a vainglorious pursuit. If there is pain and suffering in the process of attaining that fleeting glory then why should anyone feel sympathetic about it?

The best part is that the weather the climate and the environmental conditions conspired to make it extra tough on an event held in Canada's left coast haven for eco-fascists who have been at the forefront of the AGW parade.
It's the IRONY that makes me laugh!

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