Friday, June 27, 2008

What is 70% Less of 100% More ?

"Polar scientists reveal dramatic new evidence of climate change"

According to The Independent ....

This meant that about 70 per cent of the sea ice present this spring was single-year ice formed over last winter. Scientists predict that at least 70 per cent of this single-year ice – and perhaps all of it – will melt completely this summer, Dr Serreze said.

"Indeed, for the Arctic as a whole, the melt season startedwith even more thin ice than in 2007, hence concerns that we may even beat last year's sea-ice minimum. We'll see what happens, a great deal depends on the weather patterns in July and August,"

Well isn't that illuminating?

Was it not just few months ago that we learned that the new seasonal ice was forming at an "unprecedented" rate and that it was about double what it had been the year before??

I also seem to recall that some people were predicting the alarmists would be trumpeting the predictable melting as further evidence of AGW induced "Climate Change"....... !

Aren't experts fun?

h/t to Bob Parks who fishes the MSM cesspool so we don't need to.


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