Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday's Beer

Oh my! What a week it's been !
I ended up trying to do so many things and of course Friday had to be the capper .....

Anyway .... Here we are and it's time to kick back. SO.............

Say hello to Russell Cream Ale .... a tipster named Johann told me to go check it out and so ..........

Russell Brewing is located in Surrey BC but my tipster tells me that our local Fort Garry has been bought by them and now offers the product brewed locally . ( News to me)

Be that as it may it looks like the cans I picked up at the MLB Store on Pembina south came from the BC brewery.

5% abv in a 355ml can that opens with a satisfying pop and fizz ......
The brew pours out a nice coppery dark caramel brown, clear and with light bubbly head that settles down to almost nothing in short order.
The nose is a nice blend of citrus and banana hops with an undertone of malts.

The first taste is of the hops and then the malts ease over the palate just enough to snap the taste buds to attention. Finishing with a creamy yet clean feel that is both refreshing and leaves me with a thirst for the next quaff.

Overall ..... this is a light feeling and refreshing beer without any downside.

She passes OMMAG's sniff and taste test and begs to be joined by a few of her friends.

Of course there's always other opinions ..... Rate Beer

Well they have my attention and I'm hoping to give some of their other products a try soon.

So that's it for me this week ..... maybe time now to head on over to Dust My Broom to see what Darcey and friends have in store ..... Let's Get It On!



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