Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday's Beer !

Well we're off to a local patio place to enjoy an evening with friends.

Mrs OMMAG and myself celebrate our wedding anniversary every year about this time with some longtime friends who are a couple days before us and a few years too. Anyway last year was a BIG one for them and we did a huge blast at their place for the whole family.

This year no '0' s or '5's in the number so................

Anyway it'll be some champagne and snacks first then off to the special place for dinner and drinks.
I know they serve Hoegaarden on tap there so I'm set .............

I'm Not Alone in my love for this Witbier...

I hope everyone has a good evening and weekend .... maybe you'll even get on over to DustMyBroom dot com for a few laughs with the Broomers and the Friday Night Blues & Beer production by Darcey .... Enjoy !



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