Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Like Bringing a Taser to a Gun Fight !

The gal we know as Wonder Woman ( The Lasso Of Truth) offers this Snippet from another blog ... Known as The Halls of Macadamia ...

From the mental giants who deal in the kind of logical mind-turds that require you to be willing to sit in the electric chair, before being allowed to advocate for the death penalty.

***In response, good pal NEO, issues a fair-minded offer...

"cc, posting as anon, offers... Name the place neo. We'll meet. I'll taser YOU. I'll post the video. Think you can stand it?"

sure... as long as i get to shoot you... just once... in the chest with a .40 calibre glock... purely for comparison purposes, of course.


No word yet, on where or when. ***

With all the appropriate hat tips implied ...


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