Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Six Dead In The Last Week ! The Moral Inversion Principle

But it's not a problem? All of a sudden after a few years of being told that when a soldier dies in Afghanistan it's a tragedy and that Afghanistan is a an endless quagmire. We must bring all our soldiers home from there immediately.

But in the socialist paradise of Toronto where the Mayor believes that counting shade trees and banning things or renaming social cesspits is what makes good government...... a measly six murders this week is not a problem.

Just ask the Canadian Press and their expert of the moment....

"Six killings in a week don't make Toronto unsafe, expert says"

*Yet even with six homicides in the span of a week - and another case of a multiple killing caused by someone pumping bullets into a vehicle - there's no reason to doubt the validity of the statistics released last week, said criminologist Ron Melchers.

"A number of events occurring together is a perfectly plausible phenomenon by simple random distribution," said Melchers, a professor with the University of Ottawa. *

So basically Toronto a city that represents all that is wonderful and good in the Multicultural model of the future is held to a lower standard of what is or what is not acceptable in terms of murder and mayhem than a third world Asian shithole that has been in a defacto state of anarchy and war for over 50 years.

Funny how those things go eh?


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