Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Failing to Grasp ANY Difference

Socialists Think They Are Not Fascists

Just because they Say So does not Make It So !

I found this article at The Gates of Vienna...

An extreme left wing group has offered a cash reward to anyone who assaults a notorious Nazi teenager in Uppsala in eastern Sweden.

At least this is what ‘Antifascistisk Aktion’ (Afa) promises on flyers posted all around the university town.

Afa’s website also encourages people to assault the 18-year-old Nazi, and promises 500 kronor ($90) to anyone who carries out the attack and can provide photographic evidence.

The flyers were put up in the beginning of August.

According to TV4, the campaign is part of an ongoing feud between Afa and an extreme right-wing group also present in Uppsala.

The Uppsala police have reported the posters as an incitement to grievous assault and the Swedish Security Police (Säpo) have also been called in.


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