Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday's Beer !

As I see it there are Plenty Of Reasons to Support Denmark.

I think I may have found a couple of the very best reasons in Faxe brews.

FAXE Premium Lager from Denmark is part of the Gargantuan Unibrew family and therefore a Macro-Brewery Product.

I will avoid making distinctions between micro and macro brewers and their products because I KNOW that they both can produce excellent products and real dog piss as well.

The lager is a fine example of what I like in a summer beer. Poured into a chilled tall lager glass frigid cold.

She's pure clear golden yellow and pours to a fine solid looking head of white. The spume dissipates too quickly for my liking but such is the way of some.

The aroma is a fine example of the grassy hops and slight undertone of earthy malt and ferment that lagers are supposed to exude when they are no being jazzed with specialty ingredients.

The feel on my palate was clean and just a slight creaminess that I did not expect. The flavour was slightly herbal and maybe a bit of bitter tang ( again a lager trait) that finishes pure and clean.
This is a thirst quencher in my opinion a fine one .... I'd go after her again.

Tried with dinner of smoked pork chops and fresh corn on the cob it was just the right beverage. I'd drink Faxe with burgers, BBQ and bar snacks any day.

Nothing fancy ... just good lager ... a straight forward working girl to quench your thirst.

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