Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday's Beer!

Finally got a chance to get back to my samples from Denmark....

Faxe Danish Strong Beer

This 500ml can is apparently made for export to places like Canada. The ABV is 8% ..... lending some credence to the term "Strong Beer" . It's a product of the Euro-Conglomerate Unibrew and it is brewed at the Faxe brewery in Denmark.

A macro-brew to be sure .... but don't count these out before you try them.

And so.... chilled to about 10 deg c and served in tall chilled lager glass.......

The can pops without much fuss giving a little bit of a hiss before separation and not much activity until you pour ( no worries about foaming over cans with this) .

The pour is smooth and produces a nice clear glass of golden liquid that suspends a crisp frothy white two finger head for a couple of minutes. The foam settles down into a bare lace at the edge of the glass after that.
There is a steady effervescence in the body that continues until the glass is about 1/2 gone.

On the nose I found the aroma to very pleasing. She evokes memories of old time lagers with a hint of yeasty malt, ripe banana and floral hops. To my senses this is just what beer should do.

On the tongue she is smooth and a little creamy. The palate picks up on the caramel and malt and the hops just add a bit of bite. The finish is smooth and maybe a bit sticky but a pleasant aftertaste just makes the next sip come sooner. For a mass produced lager at higher abv .... this is very good stuff!

What more could you want? Smooth golden body, pale blond head, sweet aroma and taste that makes you want to keep going back for more!

For me there is no downside. I'm thinking of taking a few of her friends out for the long weekend at the cabin.

Hard to find other reviews of this beer ....but here's something to chew on:


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