Saturday, August 16, 2008

Killing Time on a lazy Saturday........

So here I am over at SDA just meandering about and skimming the posts and comments.

Then there is This ...
A little snippet from the CTV.... Suffice to say that I found this on Thursday and chalked it up to just another case/example of the abysmal incompetence and barefaced anti-conservative political stance of our Canadian Media..... And that's just what it is !

If you are aware of the CTV / Harris-Decima system of using rigged polls to arrive at conclusions that support their own undying support for all things LIberal then you don't even NEED read the story to know what you will find in it.

(If you CARE to know ...... then for all the effort it takes to point your pointer and click your mouse ... it will all be revealed to you. Which in this case is that the CTV author has NO information derived from the poll in question to support his Headline ... He's Just Making It Up. )

Apparently ... well NO not apparently .... EVIDENTLY ! ... This sort of effort is "Too Much" of a challenge for Lefty types who troll our blogs.

For Example:

The Lone Ranger...
"How is anyone supposed to make heads or tails out of that headline?? Duh like hello, please explain!!"

And for others who hang out in the same ( probably Govt. or would that be a Call Center?) offices .....

The Sahadow (shadow!?) says ...

"To: A. Cooper. Re: The Lone Ranger`s comments. I agree with him!!! Are you ingnorant enough to tell us that a blogs success doesn`t depend partly on clarity? In any case, isn`t Kate old enought to speak (write) for herself without having you as her echo?? I read this blog from time to time, I rarely comment. I find that a lot of articles lack explanation and clarity needed to motivate the reader, as compared to other blogs. The Lone Ranger and I work in the same office, he`s a wise man! I`m not into blogs, however you only got 15 comments on the story, doesn`t that tell you a lot!!"

I guess the reason these Tards are not happy with Conservative Blogs is that they feel the need to have things "Spelled Out" for them .... seems it's another "entitlement" that everything be spoon fed to the little darlings.


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Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

aw shucks..s-p-e-l-l it out for them then..not!

8/16/2008 11:36 p.m.  

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