Sunday, September 07, 2008

Denial Delusion Depravity!

Frustrating hundreds of IPCC scientists and countless thousands of others in the category of what can only be seen from the outside as life's great mass of losers, the polar ice failed to disappear this summer and in fact increased by over 13% over the previous years record melt.

Michael Asher reports in Daily Tech :

Data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) has indicated a dramatic increase in sea ice extent in the Arctic regions. The growth over the past year covers an area of 700,000 square kilometers: an amount twice the size the nation of Germany.

With the Arctic melting season over for 2008, ice cover will continue to increase until melting begins anew next spring.

Make special note of : Qikiqtaaluk Region !

So where are the rising seas? Ask my glass of Rye Whiskey that never gets overfull even when left in the scorching summer sun as I attend to BBQ emergencies.

Yet it seems like only a couple of days ago that the CBC spent an hour telling us that this was the year. For sure the polar ice was diminished because a chunk fell off a glacier earlier in the year.
Scientists who helped the CBC produce their report said so.

Actually it was only a couple of days ago ...........
From denial to delusion to depravity the CBC knows their audience.


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Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

From denial to delusion to depravity..exactly Ommag!

9/07/2008 7:40 p.m.  
Blogger Vleeptron Dude said...

wow, i can't believe i've *almost* set foot on that map. got to keep marching ever northward.

on the train from toronto to winnipeg, i told a nice couple I was headed for Churchill. The wife said, "Why do you want to go there? There's nothing up there."

It was very cool being Less Than Number 1 on the Food Chain for a few days.

uhhh could you maybe draw a red circle around where they're looking for the lost Franklin expedition?

-- the guy who blogged the photo of the healthy-looking Inuit woman in the Canadian flag bikini

9/12/2008 1:37 p.m.  

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