Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That Sensation of Having Things Going Away

As the Mainstream media types who are mostly just hacks being paid to be hacks gradually discover how much of an impact the Blog World is having on their presumptive home turf and entitlement it is becoming ever more obvious that they are afraid.

How can I say they are afraid?

Because vitriolic lashing out without any actual understanding is the hallmark of the intimidated.

This Post ! by M.A.D. highlights some of the self justifying contortions we are witnessing ( if we bother to look).

I see it as fear unmasked.... the desperate clutching and grasping at anything within reach as they see their assumed right of privilege falling out of their grasp.

Best of all is the willingness to attribute all of their own blatant failings to their newly recognized nemesis.


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