Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Stuff That Canadians Are Made Of

Well some would say "Used to be made of" because this sort of dedication and selflessness seems precious rare if not totally absent in our current times. For the contrast with your average LIberal Canadian of the current day could not be more stark.

Leo Major the Twice Decorated DC hero of Zwolle in WWII and later distinguished in action during the Korean conflict.

He passed away this past week in his home town of Montreal.

Consider this sort of courage and dedication the next time you read about some freaks making a big fuss about some "cause" or other that bears no distinction whatsoever.

The sort who especially would mock the likes Leo Major who at the age of 19 lost an eye in the D-day invasion .... refused medical treatment and returned to active combat .... chased the German occupying force out of the Dutch town of Zolle single handedly ... received further injuries that would hinder him for life ... yet years later still enlisted for duty in Korea where he again distinguished himself in action.

Leo Major accomplished more in his nineteenth year than any of us will in our entire lives.

Goodby Leo ... Go With God and Thank you.




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