Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday's Beer !

At last something special ....

Off with the top and a pleasant pop she makes .... a bit of a hiss followed by a snap and a waft of vapour.

Poured into the happy tumbler ... red/amber and coffee gold with a cream coloured head of froth.

Pleasant to the eye she is and then we get more intimate.

Close up to the nose and a deep whiff of her reveals spices and citrus, oak, caramel and malt ... even a bit of hop flowers. Perfume that sparks the lust and we do not wait to partake of still more liberties of this lusty wench.

Smooth and creamy on the tongue ..... the warmth of that contact releases more of those perfumes from the rum barrel. A hint of esters and a clean finish except for a lingering satin dew on the back end.

Drink hearty ... drink deep ... life was not meant to be spent anguishing over what may come next or what has gone by.

Innis & Gunn

And remember it is Friday and that means Blues and Beer at (
The Broom ...


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