Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday's Beer !

Well really it's Thursday Afternoon ..... but who cares?

Alley Kat Brewing Co. offers us this sort of seasonal brew.

Since it is Thanks Giving stateside I'll dedicate this to the turkeys!

Not that it's a bad beer or anything.... I think this bottle might be at or near it's BBD (best before date).


The Pumpkin PI opened without any pop or fizz.

I did manage to generate a bit of foam on the top by doing the barbarian pour. It quickly settled out to just a bit of tawny lick around the edge of the glass. The colour is a nice copper and the nose an interesting blend of allspice over banana peels.

The first taste had a bit of an acidic tinge to it .... but that went away in a nanosecond or so leaving the sort of aftertaste I get from eating pumpkin pie.

It finishes fairly clean but I miss the effervescence.

All in all I bet it would be a good number to sample again in a fresher mode.
Other Opinions seem to bear this out !


And since it's Friday by now ..... you know what to do ======= The Broom (FNB&B)
Friday Night Blues & Beer

Synchronicity ...... ?


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